Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Grad School...

What I've learned in Grad school thus far..

1.You know nothing.

You know how you know nothing? Because professors and staff will constantly ask you to do things that you have clue how to do but in a way that you feel that you obviously should know how to do. Thus the ever revolving door of if you are actually incompetent or if they are "pushing" you to learn it on your own.

2. Research is the BFF.

Ya those classes you are in, unless they are focused on research, can feel like a waste. Research is your main line/ focal point/ spotlight/ knight in shinning armor. You and research should probably meet before graduate school or you'll feel like me.. a bit lost.

3.Professors are sneaky.

So I had this professor give me a great tip, a starting point, a guiding light of where to start on some research. The information that was given to me was an elusive thing.. I couldn't find ANY journal articles, references, posters, ANYTHING. In shame I went to said professor and shared this news, only to find this information has never been published. WEEKS! It was WEEKS that I have been looking for this information.. and all they wanted was for me to ask for the information. Sneaky butts.

4. You'll feel stupid

Actually you'll feel stupid a lot.. or maybe its just me. There is just so much knowledge out there and everyone has a specific interest that if you have a similar interest you may feel behind. (There's hope, it's called WorldCat.org)

5. That you actually love this new frustrating life

I'm beginning to understand this crazy frustrating way of life and finally feeling like this is the place for me. Yes, it's frustrating, hard, but it's a challenge. A challenge that I am ready for and determined to be awesome at.. Challenge accepted.


How I feel when I have the wrong answer.. 

Every other word in my textbooks

How you feel about going to Grad school

Listening to a talk not related to my field.

How I felt a month into Grad school

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Preppin' for the Week

So with the overwhelming-ness (ya I made that word up) of Graduate School and new job, I have learned the true beauty of prepping for the week. I may even be a prepping pro, so I figured I would share  all of the awesomeness of having a better week.

Sundays and sometimes Saturday night (yes no life, I'm in Grad school now) I start getting ready for the next week. Things I have found that are super helpful:

1.Clean sheets make you happy, so wash those suckers on Sunday night so you're happy all week!

2. Pick outfits for the week, I never thought it took me much time to decide what to wear but since I have 7 AM workouts, having my clothing picked out has really sped up leaving the house in the morning. Plan your work/school clothes and your workout clothes to keep the process even quicker.

3. Take out all the trash, yea no one likes taking out the trash but even more no one likes over flowing trash during the week.

4. Meal Prep! Don't just plan lunch every day but water, healthy snacks, dinner and get it all cooked or prepared in advanced.

5.Do a quick sweep and swiffer, HEB feet are not appropriate in your own home.

Now for school preparedness:

6. Make sure you have all assignments written or saved in your calendar for the next two weeks. (Always double check)

7. Take care of any organization, note card making, or social media planning before another busy week.

8.  I like to take a look at my vision board and make sure that the things I plan on doing in the coming week are going to push me to be the person I want to be in the future.

Well those are my tips, what do you do to get ready for the week?

Monday, September 16, 2013

Struggle Bus and Priorities

Okay so I'm struggling to finish my blog post.. but in the mean time I have some goals. Check them out.

"If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things." - Albert Einstein 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

2 Aggie Football Games

2 Aggie Football Games.
That's how time is measured in this Johnny Manziel loving town, so I've made it three weeks and two Aggie football games. 

Things that have perspired since I officially set my office hours..

1. I took over the departments Facebook account and it's grown (whoop go me!)
2. I've learned I'm actually ahead of a lot of students when it comes to research (again whoop!)
3. Knowing the bar tender isn't always a good thing, thank you to roomies who like to give rides.
4. Heart ache isn't solved by keeping busy, but sure the hell helps
5. Cold puppy dog nose kisses make everything better
6. This shit just got a whole lot harder. 

There are some cool things happening soon.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Oh thanks Facebook

Have you ever wondered why the ad's on your Facebook page pop up? Somewhere in the depths of Facebook world they are supposed to appeal to you based on words that you type, previous ads you have clicked on and probably many more factors way over my head.

So this is what Facebook thinks about me...

So I got lucky this time because lately more often than not I get the Farmers Only and Match.com ads.. which started the day after I changed my relationship status, thanks for being classy Facebook. Damn.

So what I am taking from Facebook is that they think I need to get my ass in shape by of course buying yoga pants, so that I can buy a little black dress, so when I get intoxicated and think about the recently changed relationship status I can then find a sober ride home by using soberrides.org. Dang Facebook look at you knowing my life and all.

Now how we got to the NBA.. well I'm pretty positive I've never clicked on anything NBA related so thank you Facebook for mixing it up. Of course back on track Facebook knows Blue Bell the VW beetle isn't going to last forever so why not buy a truck by pushing the "crappy credit score financing" upon me (for being 23 I have a nice credit score, just FYI)  and encouraging already broke college students to again make terrible financial choices (sneaky snakes). Okay Facebook now your just generalizing all college students, shame. 

I like fruit drinks, thanks Facebook I guess I'll have to try Bolthouse Farms out.. assuming I can find their products in Texas (neato). Last but not least Facebook likes to recognize that I'm an advocate.. while usually for agriculture they see my skills could contribute to the Psoriasis patients. I had to look up what psoriasis was.. funny spelling but that's never been my strong suite. 

All in all I like to think that my ads are very well rounded..

So what do your Facebook ads say about you?

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Inspiration and Stuff..

Well on this Sunday afternoon in all of my organizing ridiculousness.. I decided to print out some inspiration for the back of my class binders. I know on the days that I'm not feeling it, these little bits will make me feel better. So why not share.. because you to will have a bad day. While I hope not anytime soon it will happen and these will make you feel all inspirational and stuff.

My whole pinterest board can be found here.

Make the week count my friends! 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Look At Me Fly

First week accomplished.
However it was accomplished in a messy un-Hannah like way, running from class to teaching to work. If you can't tell and as much as I hate to admit it I have a type A personality when it come to school and work and maybe even a few other things. I need it written down in my planner, color coded, with specific details, and then still like to have it in my online calender and on my wall calendar at home (I attribute this behavior to being the oldest of four). I am loving my classes now, yes big change from my Monday breakdown but everything is flowing and starting to feel right.

On a more serious note, it's funny how your mom knows you better than anyone else in this world. I don't usually like to talk to well anyone about life issues. I'm the kind of person who dwells in my misery alone.. not necessarily because I don't have people to talk to but because I hate burdening others with my problems. Mom's just have this instinct and hell they've put up with us for so long that they should probably know our personalities pretty well. She could tell the other day after my breakdown that something wasn't right and not just school wise.

It's funny how she was so helpful by being brutally honest (something only a mom can do). I'm bossy.. it's not something that is news to me, it is in my core. It's part of the reason I'm an effective leader when it comes to organization, group projects, and well any situation that requires a leader. I haven't thought of being bossy as negative trait in a long time until our talk the other night. I'm used to using my bossiness and turning it into effective leadership skills in needed situations. She really opened my eyes to how treating my life and relationships the same as my organizations is not healthy.

I treat my relationships just like my organizations.. like they need a purpose, a timeline, goals, etc. 
That's not what a relationship is about, and it sucks to realize that now. My mom is an effective leader and manger and it's no surprise I take after her. My parents have one of the best relationships that could have ever been modeled to me.. they have fun together. They kite board and go on fun excursions to Belize and they like go and stay and bed and breakfast places. My mom says she "turns off" her manager personality when she gets home and just relaxes, something I wish I would have learned a little earlier in life. Why I missed that connection or where the fun side me seemed to dissipate as I finished school, I'll never know. It's a sobering fact while I know that I've pushed the one I've loved to be the best they can be, I also know I've pushed him away. I took my sweet time to realize what was important in life and I'll never regret taking the summer to figure out my life while living at home on the beach; but maybe my first regret in life is being to proud to admit my wrongness of our situation right away. Learning how to love just a little too late.

Stoney LaRue sums it up in "Look At Me Fly"

To the moon and back, babe.